A Little About Rosemary Bova:

Clients refer to Rosemary Bova as a provocateur, weaver, innovative thinker and master strategist. An expert listener, and
IMG_8130communicator she is able to build trusted relationships creating the foundation from which to address challenging issues for both the individual and the organization. Her Executive Advising leverages past experience into current role requirements, while simultaneously tracking strategic and operational issues.  A specialist in organization structure and management accountability she works with clients to identify hidden weaknesses and opportunities in the company’s infrastructure.

“Ignoring the human side of enterprise is expensive. It can result in lost productivity, poor morale, the exodus of key employees and the erosion of the corporate culture.”  Rosemary’s personal passion is to transform the workplace by creating work systems in which people grow, innovate, and their contributions valued.  This results in providing high quality products and services for customers and creating profits and success for stakeholders. In turn this builds vibrant communities.

Rosemary has been passionate about work systems since she entered the work force.  Whenever she recognized there was a better way to do something or to engage a frustrated employee, she spoke out.  Early in her career she practiced traditional social work for NYC’s HRA while studying to be a therapist.  She joined a not for profit agency providing OD services to school systems and became Executive Director accountable to a Board of directors for strategic planning, policy and development.

After leaving the organization (she had recommended it close its doors as its work had been done) she entered the corporate sector where she rose to a senior management role in organization development and training.  Wanting broader corporate and international experience she started her own consultancy and has worked independently ever since.

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