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Nesting In the Blizzard

Greetings everyone.  We just turned our clocks ahead 2 AM Sunday morning a sure sign spring is on the way.  The full moon arrived that same morning and remained between 99 and 100 percent illuminated showing its brightly glowing face through last evening.  Mother Nature in communion with La Luna gathered her powers to play havoc on the east coast today and possibly even tomorrow. … Continue reading Nesting In the Blizzard »

Thoughts This Holiday Season

Wishing those that celebrate Christmas a Blessed Christmas, a Happy Chanukah,  Happy Kwanza (it’s the 50th Anniversary this year of this newest celebration of Family, Community and Culture) and a Peaceful and Happy New Year 2017.   Friday night I was at an annual holiday party.  Among those present, were people I worked with years ago.  Two comments, made by the same former colleague, stand … Continue reading Thoughts This Holiday Season »

Mom At 97: A Woman, Courage and Transformation

Yesterday was my mother Mary Bova’s 97th Birthday. We celebrated Sunday with a small family gathering. In a call with cousin this AM we reflected on the life my mother has had these 97 years. That conversation sparked the thought to write about her life, courage and transformation. So here goes.   Born in 1918 the seventh child of Italian immigrants, Mary (Marie Kathleen Ribellino) … Continue reading Mom At 97: A Woman, Courage and Transformation »

The Turn Of A Season

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world marched last Sunday, September 21st  to draw attention to the importance of addressing climate change. At 10:29 PM Monday summer ended and fall began. Today, Thursday is the New Moon a good time to set intentions.   Like clockwork temperatures have dropped not much higher than the mid 70’s. Nights bring cool breezes. In NYC today heavy … Continue reading The Turn Of A Season »

Embracing the Human Spirit

In a recent NYT Metropolitan Diary feature a reader lamented why s/he finds him/herself more concerned about a rat in a subway station than a homeless person on the street. I thank this person for having the courage to put his/her experience out there for all of us to reflect on. This person is not alone.