Monthly Archives: May 2011

Snaring The Bluebird Of Happiness

The Findings column in the NY Times May 17th 2011 by John Tierney starts off with the question, “Is happiness overrated?” The story follows the intellectual explorations of noted psychologist Martin Seligman.  In a nutshell he caused a stir in the psychology world when he questioned whether colleagues were spending too much time on mental illness and not enough on life’s joys.  He authored … Continue reading Snaring The Bluebird Of Happiness »

“X Marks The Spot”

Those of you who are regulars to my blog know we skipped last week.  It was an extremely busy week and writing the blog slipped from consciousness.  Bova Enterprises is in the midst of exploring some new alliances, and new entrepreneurial ventures.  Personally I’ve just taken on a new board position. I’m always amazed at people who are extremely well read.  Those that read the … Continue reading “X Marks The Spot” »

Have You Ever Thought About What’s Behind Celebration?

I always thought the 5th of May was a national Mexican holiday.  As a child I don’t recall any awareness of this celebration.  About 20 years ago I first heard mention of it when speaking with some younger colleagues who said they were going out to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.  What’s that I asked?  The answer, “it’s a Mexican holiday.  There will be lots of … Continue reading Have You Ever Thought About What’s Behind Celebration? »