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THINK !!!!

Last Thursday, June 16th 2011, IBM celebrated its 100th Anniversary.  Most news reports honored the occasion by featuring aspects of its history and showing the evolution of the IBM logo.  What struck me was the evolution of the tagline Think

Paid In Full

Likely disclosing my age with the comments that follow. The other evening I was getting ready to shut down my computer when I decided to check my email account one last time.  An email from a business associate sadly announced the untimely death of a mutual friend and member of the National Association of Women Business Owners NYC Chapter. 


Sitting here in my office in the sweltering heat.  If anyone had told me we’d reach 97 degrees in early June I would have told them they were crazy.  What’s the old saying, “misery loves company I’m not alone in that more than half the country is experiencing this unprecedented heat wave.  I often wonder