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What’s The History of ENGAGEDorg?

Some of you have asked about the history of the term ENGAGEDorg. In October 2009 I attended a conference called Engage Now in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  The conference was really two conferences in one: a collaboration between Simplewealth, Inc., and the University of Calgary.  Among the featured speakers were the Dali Lama, Edward DeKlerk, Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh of Zappos, and other successful businessmen and … Continue reading What’s The History of ENGAGEDorg? »

Do YOU Have a Personal Mission Statement?

While attending an entrepreneurial conference in Calgary last week I had the good fortune to meet a lot of fascinating people.  Some were young enough to be my grandchild and some old enough to be my parent. What struck me most was the enthusiasm all had about being engaged entrepreneurs and learning to live their life with greater authenticity.  During a break I met a … Continue reading Do YOU Have a Personal Mission Statement? »


One of my and my partner Dan’s favorite shows on television is the program Sunday Morning.  It’s a great, thoughtful and provocative TV magazine that regularly presents interesting facts and details about a wide variety of people, places and things.  Two Sunday’s was no exception.  I’ve taken the liberty of paraphrasing some of their feature story and sharing some alarming statistics.